Numerous apps utilize in-app communications to inquire of users to examine and speed their application – and even though the potential for a flooding of reviews that are positive may be too tempting to avoid so that they can enhance your ASO ratings in the App shop or Bing Enjoy.

Numerous apps utilize in-app communications to inquire of users to examine and speed their application – and even though the potential for a flooding of reviews that are positive may be too tempting to avoid so that they can enhance your ASO ratings in the App shop or Bing Enjoy.

By utilising your software analytics platform, you are able to figure out whom your ‘power users’ are – those being the users whom engage most often and a lot of absolutely along with your application. For those who have gotten a collision report from a certain individual, it is most likely not local plumber to inquire about for an evaluation – but it’s the perfect time and energy to send an in-app message next time they build relationships your software apologising for the inconvenience, and going for a choice of publishing their findings prior to the crash took place in their session.

App inbox / newsfeed

Another method that is great spreading information your users can engage is by including a display screen in your software that will act as an inbox or newsfeed. This will house your entire notifications that are past announcements, and promotions.

By using an easy proactive approach, such as for example sjust howing just how many brand new communications come in their application inbox, users are likely to go over to that screen that is particular. Many will likely then straight away right back off to other displays when you look at the application, simply viewing the web page to eradicate cupid the notification countertop. in case the mobile communications offer these with sufficient value, nevertheless, they could simply hang in there to see just what happens to be taking place.

The effectiveness of a software inbox is sold with the known proven fact that no real matter what, your users are bound to see these messages. Being that they are saved in the application it self, they’ve been permanent, and shortage enough time delicate nature of all other designs of mobile texting.


Numerous application publishers underestimate the energy of utilizing updates in order to talk to your users. Not just are users prone to view the articles of one’s app’s revision, they’re usually in a more receptive mood, because they understand with an app upgrade comes increased value.

Updates will constantly show through to your users’ devices, plus they are the essential free kind of communication betwixt your software as well as your users – update descriptions aren’t restricted to a quantity of figures, and as such, you’ll be able to consist of the maximum amount of information that you can concerning the added value this change brings to your users.

Updates have another form of added value for the software – a substantial part of your users will instantly build relationships your software after upgrading, while they will be inquisitive to see just what brand new features your software includes, and certainly will most of the time at the least try the new function, or features, supplied in their mind. Here is the opportunity that is perfect keep an eye on individual behavior by closely analysing the methods users communicate with these brand new features – focus on which brand new features are popular, and which aren’t.

Conversely, compare the use of these brand new features to those of one’s core features – if a fresh function is hardly ever found in contrast to your core function set, it may be worth scrapping it; and when one of the core features views a reliable or immediate fall with its engagement prices, it may be worthwhile considering ways to go about either enhancing that function, or finding out a way for integrating it within a far more feature that is widely-used. Often, also an attribute which used to be important towards the use of your software might lose its appeal amongst your individual base – if that takes place, you need to altogether consider removing it.


Enjoy it or otherwise not, email continues to be a tool that is powerful disseminating a message to app’s users. This engagement channel may be the perfect medium for re-engaging with users who possess gone inactive, or who’ve opted away from push notifications.

E-mails needn’t utilize a direct product sales approach – often it is possible to talk to numerous facets of your application. Subjects such as for example future plans for your application, present code iterations, and sometimes even an introduction of this group behind the application could be used to revitalise a relationship with a user that is dormant.

E-mails could also be used to push traffic returning to your app’s site (which every software needs to have) – this may enhance your website’s Search Engine Optimization ranks, and consequently raise the possibilities of somebody finding your software through Bing or other the search engines. Apps shouldn’t just rely on ASO for consumer acquisition – SEO can offer just one more channel to funnel clients on your app’s page in the App Store or Google Enjoy.

Usage sections to your benefit

Regardless of what as a type of mobile texting device you create usage of, it is essential to ensure your message targets your unique part. This is accomplished by just making usage of a segmentation feature in an app analytics platform. Have you thought to have a look at exactly how effortless this can be utilizing Kumulos? Begin your trial that is free today observe how Kumulos provides you with everything required in a single platform with push notifications, in application messaging, crash reporting, ASO, analytics and more.

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